Welcome to the home of Shire Horses in Australia!

The Shire Horse is the English heavy draught horse breed.  It is the biggest horse in the world and has a long, well-documented history dating from when its ancestors were used by knights in battle hundreds of years ago.

The Shire Horse Society Australia was established in 1978 and represents Australia's leading shire breeders and enthusiasts who work to promote and protect this magnificent and very rare breed.

The Society promotes the breeding and showing of Shire Horses. The Shire Horse is an extremely versatile horse and we promote its use as a driving, riding and pleasure horse.

The Society's committee upholds the breed standard in Australia by appointing an Official Panel of Judges and by teaching about the breed.

The Shire Horse Society Australia runs The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book, the Shire Shire Horse Registry and the Shire Sporthorse Registry.

The Society provides services to its members and those interested in owning a Shire. We would love for you to join us in our mission to promote the future of the great Shire Horse both in Australia and also in the wider world.

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Our President, Helene Scarf, is in the US right now. She caught up with a good friend of our Society's, Sharon McLin. Sharon has been on the Board of the American Shire Horse Association for many years, 30 at least and Helene has known her since 1982. Sharon was the one who encouraged us to start The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book and demonstrated the program they use to us when she was here in 2006. We subsequently took her advice and bought that program. Give your members cheaper, local service and keep the money in Australia to promote the breed here. Our stud book and the American stud book are completely online, where as the UK one still is not. Thank you Sharon. This is Helene and Sharon, in the US, yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

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