The Australian Shire Horse Registry

Rules of Registration & General Guidelines

The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book exists to encourage the further breeding and promotion of the Shire Horse in Australia by providing a professional, efficient and service friendly stud book registry for Shire Horse owners in Australia. The Stud Book is the Australian custodian of the traditional standards of the Shire Horse breed and of its remarkable heritage.

It is not necessary to be a member of the Shire Horse Society Australia Inc (SHSA) or other Shire Horse organisation in order to register and have an entry in the Australian Shire Horse Stud Book. Shires in the UK, American and Canadian Shire Registries may easily dual register into this Stud Book, and breed into the Stud Book, if they comply with the Rules. DNA results of the parents of foals are accessible between countries.

All horses in every SHSA Stud Book Shire Registry are considered equal for the purposes of showing with the exception of females in the Non-Breeding Registry.

To ensure the proper operation of the Stud Book and to ensure the best possible information management standards, there are a number of rules or guidelines for breeders to follow.

If you have any general questions or comments regarding the stud book, please use our
Stud Book Enquiry Form to contact the SHSA Committee.

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See below for forms and fees.

Registration Contact

Registrar: Deb Buckland
0409 537 588

132 Stewarts Rd
Winkleigh TAS 7275

Bank Details:

Account Name:
Shire Horse Society Australia Incor
BSB: 032691
Account No: 217247

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Prefix Applications

Every horse registered in The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book must have a registered prefix.

If you are a breeder and do not already have a prefix, you can use the Prefix Application form to send your preferred prefix choices to the SHSA for approval. The purpose of the Prefix Application is to ensure that no-one is already using your choice of prefix.

There is no charge to register a prefix, which is then registered on your behalf. Please note that duplication of names is to be avoided and numerical suffixes are not allowed.

New Registrations

To register a new foal/horse, you will need to submit the following forms to the Shire Horse Society Australia Registrar:

1. New Registration of Foal/Horse.
2. Stallion Service Certificate.
3. Certificate of Identification.
4. Registrations of filly foals eligible for the Full Shire Registry, Grade B Registry, or Grade A Registry, as well as registration of colt foals eligible for the Coal Foal Registry are required to have a DNA Parentage Test performed. The results of the DNA testing, if required, will need to be received by the Registrar before your new registration is processed.

All horses will need to be micro-chipped.

Upon successful registration, you will be sent a Certificate of Registration (view sample (pdf)).

Dual Registrations

To register a foal/horse (in the SHSA Stud Book) that has already been registered with a recognised overseas Shire Horse organisation, you will need to submit the following form to the Shire Horse Society Australia Registrar. You will also need to attach a photocopy of the relevant overseas Certificate of Registration.

The Shire Horse Society of Australia (SHSA) recognises the following Stud Books:
SHS: Shire Horse Society (UK), ASHA: American Shire Horse Society, CSHA: Canadian Shire Horse Society.

Transfer of Registration

When a registered horse changes ownership, the back of the Registration Certificate needs to be completed by both the previous and new owner. The new owner needs to send the Registration Certificate to the SHSA Registrar for processing, together with the applicable fee at the time of registration (see our fee schedule).

Stallion Service Certificate

The Stallion Service Certificate should be submitted to the SHSA Committee with every new registration of a foal/horse in conjunction with the other required forms (see the Shire Horse Society Australia web site for details).

Stallion owners who serve an outside mare should give this completed form to the mare’s owner.

Stallion Veterinarian Inspections

Stallions registered within Shire Horse Society Australia’s Stud Book are required to have a detailed inspection by a qualified Veterinarian after the age of two and six years old. These forms should be submitted following each inspection.

The Breed Standard

The overall horse should show the stamp of a Shire and create a picture, so the total impression of the horse is important. Of all the heavy horses the Shire is the largest – at least 16.2 hands high but can exceed 19 hands. Typically it is 18 hands. The Shire Horse weighs about 900kg (a ton), and is immensely strong and powerful, but these qualities are combined with gentleness, patience and docility.

This Breed Standard is provided for the information of owners, breeders, veterinarian professionals, and judges.

Schedule of Fees

The following fees are payable in relation to the Australian Shire Horse Stud Book. All amounts are in Australian dollars. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer (account details below) or by cheque made out to “Australian Shire Horse Society Inc”.

Payments and forms should be sent to:

The Registrar
Mrs Deb Buckland
Shire Horse Society Australia
132 Stewarts Rd
Winkleigh TAS 7275

The age of a horse is calculated as from 1st August. Every horse foaled before 1st August in any year is deemed to be one year old on that date.

After the age of one year, new registrations incur the new registration fee plus the same fee for every year older than one year.

Services Members* Non-members
Prefix Registration No charge
New Registration $40 $70
Transfer of Ownership $30 $60
Registration of Horse already in a recognised overseas registry $30 $60
DNA Test $95
Stallion Registration for Breeding Purposes
(Following inspection at 2 years old)
$30 $60
Stallion Service Certificate No charge
Reissue of certificate after gelding No charge

* SHSA membership is $30 per year.

Direct Deposits

Payments can be made by direct deposit to our bank account as follows. Please use your surname as the payment reference.

Account Name: Shire Horse Society Australia Inc
BSB: 032 691
Account Number: 217247

International Registrations

An extra postage fee of $10 applies for registrations outside of Australia.

Enquiries & Terms Of Use

For registry and studbook enquiries, please use our Registry contact form.

Please feel free to review our website and studbook terms of use.